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Translation is a service tailored to your needs, so that is why the price will depend on the requirements. When preparing a quote, I consider the words to be translated, the complexity of the text, the format (whether or not it is editable) and the urgency. For this reason, it is important that I can see the content and a detailed description of what you need and for when in order to adjust my prices accordingly so that you don’t pay a cent extra.

The time I need to finish the project depends on the number of words to be translated and the complexity of the text. For this reason, we will agree on a delivery date which suits your needs and my availability once I see the content before confirming the request.

You can make the payment via bank transfer, Paypal or TransferWise. Once the request is accepted, I will send you all the necessary details  for you to be able to pay the initial 50%. The remaining amount will be paid once the project is completed.

If you need my services regularly (if the translations are related to social media, blog articles, etc.), we can agree on a monthly fee. Write to me for more details.

To extract the texts from your web page, you must go to your content settings and export it to XML format. If you are unsure about how to do this, your web developer will be able to assist you. 

It is important to do it in this way to maintain the original text format, translate the necessary tags and ensure the Spanish version remains identical and your website positioning is unaffected.

Yes, of course. We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement if you prefer.