Professional website and marketing translations

for sustainability and education

Retain your essence no matter what language you communicate in

Professional website and marketing translations​

for sustainability and education​

Retain your essence no matter what language you communicate in

Do you believe that what you offer is useful and could improve the lives of many people, but feel that you can’t reach out to them in the way you would like?

Would you like help getting your voice heard and your unique message and passion for what you do in Spanish out there?

Imagine being able to get your products or services known to the entire Spanish speaking community…

Let’s make it possible!

Lorena Lopez Cuenca

Hi! I'm Lorena López, a professional English-Spanish translator.

I help entrepreneurs and both small sustainable and education businesses overcome linguistic barriers, communicate effectively in Spanish, connect with their audience, achieve greater visibility and attract new customers.

As an online entrepreneur, and thanks to my translation and teaching experience, I know our words matter

Your brand image is more than what you say, it’s how you say it. 

Using the correct tone, being aware of the cultural differences of your audience and creating emotional connections with your ideal customers isn’t easy, but it’s vital for them to feel like they can trust you. 

How can I help you?

This is what I can do to help you see the results you want.


English – Spanish

Your words are your brand

The text you use in your infographics, e-books, guides, newsletters, social media publications and blogs must show who you are, how you work and what your purpose is.

I will translate the language, style and tone of the text in a way that keeps its quality intact while making it sound natural in Spanish and ensuring your audience understand your passion for what you do.


English – Spanish

Your website is your key to the world

Localizing your website involves a lot more than translation.

I will adapt linguistic and cultural content so that your essence and voice have the same impact on your new audience.

I will ensure the internal codes of the web page remain the same so that the Spanish version is exactly like the original, but conforms with the norms and customs of the reader. 

Furthermore, by including key words in the new version and offering content in various languages, you will improve your SEO positioning and become more visible.



Bad grammar doesn’t inspire trust

Are you sure that the texts on your webpage and business publications are well written and free of errors?

I will review and edit your texts so that they are clear, coherent and efficient.

I will correct them so that you don’t need to worry about whether there are any spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes.

Tell me which service you require to give your business a boost and I will draw up a free, tailored quote. No strings attached!

What will you achieve by offering Spanish content?

You gain the trust of your customers

You connect with the needs and emotions of your new audience

You strengthen the image and reputation of your brand

You become more visible and attract more customers

You invest in expanding your business

You will make a bigger impact by helping others and the world

Will you give your business the boost it needs?

How does it work?

  • Step 1

    Request your translation or review and attach the texts you need in Spanish.

  • Step 2

    Agree to the quote I will have sent you and establish a due date.

  • Step 3

     I will get to work on your project. We will stay in contact in case there are any questions.

  • Step 4

    I will carry out an extensive quality control review so that everything looks perfect.

  • Step 5

    You will receive your texts, ready to attract new customers and within the agreed deadline.

What my clients say

"I have no reservations about using Lorena’s translation services on account of her professionalism, efficiency and ability. Her training and experience allows her to work in different areas of translation. She always shows great commitment in meeting the delivery date for both large and small projects. She provides solutions, trust, respect and help, in addition to something that is often missed - kindness and empathy.
Irene Borrás
Project Manager at the English Corner
“I worked with Lorena when I was teaching English. She was always very helpful and offered advice when I needed it. She has reviewed some translations I have done and I know I can rely on her when I have doubts about working in my current job as a translator.”
Emma Kelleher
English translator at Jeff Valencia
"We needed some translations for a document management application. We contacted Lorena through a mutual client who highly recommended her as they had used her services in the past. To work as fast as possible, she used a software which allowed translators to interact with developers directly. As we didn’t know about this, we were surprised when, a few days later, she told us she had already finished the project! Not only did she keep her word, she was completely independent and efficient. Since then, she is our official translator who we hope will be with us for many years to come."
Lucas Renovell
Systems Manager at MIP Informática

Why use my services?

My passion is languages, but it is also helping people who work towards a fairer, more collaborative and sustainable world. This is where my desire to communicate messages and remove cultural barriers comes from. That is why I focus on you and what your audience needs in order to convey your unique way of expressing yourself and your essence. In this way, I help you achieve your goals while I contribute to society.

My academic training, experience in translation and teaching as well as my time spent abroad have all given me vast linguistic and cultural knowledge, both in English and Spanish, resulting in professional and quality translations

I know the ins and outs of my languages which allows me to give you ideas and advice if you need it. 

Thanks to my creative side and marketing knowledge which I learn more about every day, I will produce effective texts which will benefit your business.

I will be with you throughout your business expansion journey so that you can reach out to more people who are committed to your values and who share your world view.

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Do you have any questions?

Ask me about anything you need to know. I am here to help you find the best solution for your needs. You may also find the FAQs section helpful